Stray Light delivers industry leading, turn-key lighting solutions to education, healthcare, security, and general lighting clients.

Our team provides lighting expertise across all modern and legacy lighting technologies to big and small customers alike.

If you are interested in decreasing your organization’s overall energy expenditures with zero out of pocket cost, please reach out to schedule a complementary lighting audit of your facility or campus. We look forward to customizing your solution.


Education – Lighting upgrades improve campus safety and aesthetics while reducing annual operating expenses.

Healthcare - Healthcare facilities are among the most energy – intensive facilities in the country, offering high return on investment for lighting retrofits.

Security – Improve the light quality in area, perimeter, and building applications while saving on energy expenditures.

General/Area – Decrease maintenance and energy costs for automotive, retail, industrial, parking, and roadway lighting.

Stray Light Payback

> Stray Light projects pay for themselves in as little as one year's time.

> Energy savings translate into real and ongoing cash savings that can be applied to additional high priority facility and campus improvements.

> Stray Light’s green tech financing pairs with monthly energy savings to make your lighting retrofits cash flow positive from day one.

> Save 15% plus in total annual energy costs with the fastest return on investment of any large energy upgrade.